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Give Buyers Confidence

Plot Brokers works directly with each cemetery to verify property and ownership to create confidence in the market. Buyers, Sellers, and Cemeteries will have the confidence in working with Plot Brokers knowing there is a verification process for property and ownership. We use technology to market, facilitate, and expedite the safe and secure cemetery broker transaction.

90 years of experience in Cemetery Plot Resales. You NEVER need to be present for the transaction – Plot Brokers does all the work for you as the seller! We advertise and have an experienced listing department that will guide you through the process. Customer Service is everything.

A listing ensures the seller and buyer a simple, safe, secure, and confident process. Plot Brokers will prepare everything necessary and post your property for sale giving buyers that added assurance. Plot Brokers will facilitate the entire process of the transaction from start to finish where sellers and buyers feel confident and safe (See list below). Give buyers a peace of mind without hassle or worries with a Qualified listing.

Listing Includes:

Things we need from SELLERS:

  • Property Location – Cemetery, Section, Lot or Block, Space Number (Detailed Property Description as on Deed or Certificate)
  • Owner information (All Owner(s) name as they appear on deed, certificate, or title) Surviving or Not.
  • When it was purchased (Helpful but not necessary)

What we will do next:

  • Prepare Pre-Listing Packet for your review and authorization
  • Verify property information with the Cemetery.
  • Contact sellers with appraisal and valuation of the property for resale.
  • Determine a price that is agreeable between seller and Plot Brokers when sold.
  • Prepare necessary documents to sell and transfer property. All documents are prepared before a buyer is found to guarantee transfer rights to the buyer.
  • Once paperwork is completed Plot Brokers will begin advertising/showing property for sale online our website

Once Sold:

  • Plot Brokers will transfer title/interment rights of the property with the cemetery to the Buyer.
  • Collect ALL fees and Charges from the buyer
  • Complete the transaction
  • Mail Check to Sellers of AGREED amount of property (Depending on cemetery process – times may vary)

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